The Caritas “Betania” Team in our parish is deticated to people with disabilities, deaf, homeless and helpless. We organize meetings for each group, holidays for disabled people and meals for the homeless and the helpless every week. Now, during the war in Ukraine, we focused on helping refugees (in Myślenice and surrounding area) and people living in Ukraine.

We send food to the east of Ukraine, where the situation is the most dramatic now. So from Myślenice We send food to Tarnopol to Ukraine, and from there the Ukrainians take smaller transports to provide people with food where these things are needed the most.
Our support depends on the generosity of the people and the help of the numerous volunteers we work with.

We allocate the funds which we receive for:

  1. food aid most needed in Ukraine at present – this is the most crucial need
  2. families that have taken Ukrainians into their homes
  3. the Ukrainians themselves in Myślenice and surrounding areas, especially those who are unable to work
  4. people in need, the disabled, the homeless in Myślenice.
    We are also open to your suggestions.

Bank account for support:
Recipient name:
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Myślenice (Poland) – charity activities (Ukraine)
32-400 Myślenice,
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 5

Bank name of the parish:
Małopolski Bank Spółdzielczy in Wieliczka Branch in Myślenice.

Account number (in USD):
IBAN CODE: PL36861900060020080005630017

Bank transfer title:
For the parish charity activities (or other as you wish)

Thank you for all your help.

Easter meeting with Ukrainians in our parish
Easter meeting with Ukrainians in our parish
Easter meeting with Ukrainians in our parish
Food parcels for Ukraine
Packing parcels
Packing transport to Ternopil
Preparation of parcels for transport to Ukraine
Some of the food has already been delivered to Bucha
Volunteers in Bucha